We started Melbet in Russian market since 2012, from that time we have invested to grow globally. We are committed to offer best experience in sports betting and casino for all of our users.

Our team is composed of knowledge developers,researchers and experts in gambling industry. Our experts are not envolved only in the devolopment sports betting and casino platform, but also in the area of the user interface, friendliness and user satisfaction.

We are aware that sports betting and casino can be more than just gambling. Thus , we are focused to offer best experience to our users, entertain them, give them options to control their account settings.

As iGaming market is evolving and new innovations are coming out every day, we are working hard to keep our standarts high and follow then changes.

We listen carefully to our users demands and complaints one by one, the best effort is made from our side to keep them satisfied as much as possible. That is because we are sure that our users are the key for our success, we will keep working in that directions to keep them satisfied 100%.

Our characteristics and goals

  1. Modern : We are working in that direction day by day , to keep our services as much as possible close to the trends of gambling industry without risking our users entrainment
  2. Remarkable : Our developers are working hard and using their expertise to keep our site, mobile app and all services of ours in top level, so that all users will enjoy them.
  3. Authentic : We are clear and honest to our users from the beginning, all the informations, questions and more are available in respective pages, for any question that rises, our customer supports experts are ready to inform and navigate users.
  4. Reliable : We are offering huge variety of deposit and withdrawal methods to our users, all of the transactions are completed safe and fast. Also the bonuses that we offer are achievable and the terms are clear to all players.
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