Except from offering safety and well-being of our costumers, we are more than happy to see that you enjoy and entertain yourself by enjoying our games, betting options and slots. We are dedicated to keep the online gaming enjoyable for you. We want to keep that in that way for all our players.

Control your gambling and have fun!

If you aren’t enjoying online gaming or you are spending more than you can afford, we are here to help you to control your expenses and take the control of your budget. Our expert customer support is trained to spot signs of gambling problem-addiction, in order to assist such players and help them to confront such situations.

Melbet allow players to set limits totheir accounts becasuse we know how difficult it can be sometimes to control your spendings. That way we ensure that you don’t spend more money that you can afford.

The following tips can help you take control or to minimize the risk to spend more than you can:

  • With playing at our platform you are buying entertainment and not source of income increase money.
  • Set your preferred limits before starting playing
  • Calculate the total amount that you are ready to loss.
  • Do not try to gamble back the money you have lost.
  • Be carefull and don’t let gambling to overtake your interests

For some people the gambling can be a problem. The below questions can guide you and help if you are in wrong or correct direction.

  • Are you in situation that you want to quit from your interests and go to gamble?
  • Do you belief that gambling will take you out from a boring life?
  • If you lose money do you feel lost or depressed?
  • Do you prefer to spend money in gambling and not in needs of your interest?
  • Are you losing interest in your friends ?
  • Do you feel that you have to try to get back money that you have lost?
  • Are there any disappointmens that makeyou want more gambling?

In case that you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then you might have gambling problem.

Thus, we suggest you to contact the following organizations for friendly, helpful advice from trained counsellors:

  • Gamblers Anonymous is a group of people who have come together to help others with gambling problems www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk
  • Gambling Treatment provides counselling and support for those who are adversely affected by gambling.  www.gamblingtherapy.org
  • Responsible Gaming Foundation since 2014. It provides support and guidance for individuals, families, or significant others experiencing gambling problems. www.rgf.org.mt
  • GamCare is a leader in providing information, advice and support for problem gambling prevention and treatment. www.gamcare.org.uk

Set your limits

All users has the control of their account, from the beggining we encourage our players to set their limits to control better their expenses. That way we want to keep our players happy and ready to enjoy our games.

Self exclusion

If you have detected that you might have a gambling problem or you just want to take a break, we are offering you the option to exclude yourself from gambling according to your preferences

Gambling rules

Melbet does not allow anyone under 18 to open an account. We are here to help you if you have concerns about your children or the safety of your loved ones gambling online.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Responsible gaming FAQ

Can i set limit to my deposits?

Yes you can, go to the deposit options and set your desired limit

Can i use self-exclusion option?

Yes of course , that is the point of that option. You can use it at anytime you want. Be aware that you will be able to gamble again based to the duration you have selected for self-exclusion.

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